Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout

This multi award winning Aboriginal walkabout adventure in the Blue Mountains will provide you with ancient wisdom to enrich your life and a deep connection to country and culture! Live for a day, a happy, creative, ceremonial and spiritual life like it was for the local Darug language group before contact in 1770. Fascinating and highly educational, travel back in time to become a part of 'The Dreaming' and gain a deep and beneficial understanding of the wonderful Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal owned and guided, learn by traditional methods and bushwalk a walkabout song line of sacred sites mostly through a beautiful moss covered rainforest. Walk gently and listen carefully to what the natural bush, amazing art and ceremonial sites have to tell. An inspiring and powerful life changing experience of ancient knowledge for modern day wisdom.


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Faulconbridge Railway Station,
Faulconbridge, New South Wales, 2776

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Indigenous Culture
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