Eco Fun


display.imageThe environment in the Blue Mountains is very special - so much so - it is World Heritage Listed.

To support nature-based tourism and recreation in the Blue Mountains National Park our accredited adventure and tour operators hold National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) 'Parks Eco Pass' licence to ensure the ongoing conservation of the natural and cultural values of our national parks.

If you want to learn more about what it is that makes it such a special place we have some very knowledgeable, almost encyclopaedic operators that can explain to you in an easy to understand way what it is about this region's geology, geography, flora and fauna that makes it so unique.

display.image (1)They will encourage you to immerse yourself in the uniqueness of a 4WD tour designed to encapsulate the biodiversity of the region or partake in a unique aboriginal cultural experience and learn about their connections with the land. Eco fun for kids can be enjoyed firsthand by engaging in the NPWS Discovery Rangers program at Blackheath National Parks and Wildlife Heritage Centre that runs all year round but has a packed range of activities during school holidays.

To make an instant reservation with an experienced tour operator you can book now or alternatively visit NPWS WildWild World which displays current nature-based tours and attractions